Thursday, January 31, 2013

Valentine's Day Recipe Ideas!

I put together a quick little collage of some ♥ shaped food ideas for Valentine's Day! These aren't your typical Valentine's Day sweets, but some other options to still make Valentine's Day fun for your little ones!

While doing this, I realized I like to make lots of heart shaped foods, lol. It was taking way too much time to use every single ♥ shaped food we've done so I did some of my personal favorites! Just get out your cookie cutters and get creative, even just a simple sandwich is more fun when you use a cookie cutter or Lunch Punch, etc to spruce it up a bit!!


1. Heart Shaped Ravioli (filled with spinach and mushrooms!) 2. Egg-in-a-♥-basket! 3. Frozen Fruit Popsicles 4. Homemade Heart Shaped Pizza!

heart pretzels
Heart Shaped Pretzels!

Toddler Valentine Snack Mix
Our Toddler Valentine Snack Mix!

and here's a link back to my "Sweets for your Sweets" DIY Play Food Ideas from last year!!


Sweets for your Sweets!!!

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