Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Tasty Tuesday!

Spicy Fish Taco Bowls

Spicy Fish Taco Bowls--delicious!!

We try to make it a point to try at least one new recipe each week--we LOVE Chipotle and we found this awesome recipe over at Pinch of Yum for Chipotle-esque Spicy Fish Taco Bowls! Definitely a recipe that will be finding it's way back into our home again soon, it was so so yummy!

Check out the recipe over at Pinch of Yum!

and yes, I'll be back to blogging this week! For those of who are are wondering where I've been--I made it a  point to fully enjoy the last bit of my time off before school etc started back up! I'll be back as usual this week!! See you all for Things I'm ♥ ing Friday! Maybe before! I have a Valentine's Day round up I want to get up soon as well!

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