Meet the Fam!

First off, a little about this blog. This blog started as a 365 photo project. The goal was to post a photo a day for one full year. Well, I did it! For over 2 years actually, so, as you can imagine, two years of photos eventually, turned into a little more. It slowly turned into a photo journal for my family and I. So here, you will find random snapshots of my family, our projects, our meals, our vacations, our shopping, basically anything you can think's here. I apologize for that, it's quite random. But, that's part of me, and what keeps me going. If I were posting about the same things all the time, I'd get burnt out, and quit. So, I don't! Now, about my family and I!

Phew. I'm going to take a deep breath before I start telling my life story for the entire world to read! It's a little intimidating. But. I hope that you all learn a little more about me and get a peek into my life! Here it goes!DSC_1707000

I'm a whole lot of energy and crazy packed into a tiny 5 feet and 2 inches! I am all about being YOU and rocking what you have! You are always the best you, always! I have a degree in Psychology and I really do love trying to help people! I worked in the mental health field for years before I "retired" to be the mommy that I am today! I hope to someday have a PhD, but for now I will work on my Master's. I'm a military wife, I say that because it is a big part of who I am, where I've been, where I'm going, and the journey that my family is on! I have always been a dreamer with big dreams. I love to cook, I love my camera, I love pilates, and above all, I LOVE my family and friends with ALL of my heart! I'm 26 years old now...I used to be scared of being 25, I thought it meant I would be "getting old". But now, I'm not scared of much at all. I'm more confident than I have ever been and at most times truly feel like I am on top of the world. I'm happy, I love my life and everyone it in. Sometimes I feel like that annoys people. But nothing can hold me down, especially when I have all the right people on my side. No, my life isn't perfect. Especially not to other people...but to me, it's much more than that! ♥

The Hubbs ♥
Steven. My High School Sweetheart! My manly man! This man has so many hobbies I don't know where to even begin?! He's a busy body and he's always doing something. Normally involving motorcycles, cars, or something outdoors, hunting, you know, manly stuff :) I always say God blessed us with two girls because Steve was enough man for the whole house ;) He is Active Duty Air Force which is what brought us Ohio kids out to California! & Shhh, even though he's tough on the outside, he's a huge softie! ♥ Especially when it comes to his girls! He'd truly do anything for us! My love for him truly grows each day and we are stronger than ever. I love him more than words could ever explain! ♥

 Our Girls! Ava & Alexa

Ava Sunnies
Ava is nearing 3. Dainty as they come. Girly as they come. ♥ She doesn't like to be dirty, she loves getting dressed & dressing up. Tea Parties are her fav. She is two & has the biggest heart of anyone I know. If you need some flattering...go to Ava. She will not hesitate to tell you how beautiful and sweet you are. & She won't just say it, she means it! & you can tell by the little glow in her eye. She often grabs my face, so gently, and rests her hand right on the side of it and says..."oh my sweet little princess....I love you, so." Did your heart just melt? Mine did. Alexa
Oh my sweet, Alexa. ;) This little 1 year old is the biggest firecracker of a baby girl you will ever meet. She will wrap you up in her crazy little personality and never let you go. She is truly something else ♥ She is just 1, but has so much of a personality that I don't even know what to do with it all :) You truly never know what will come next from this sweet little thing, but I can guarantee, that it will always, always, bring a smile to your face. Always. ♥

Thanks for taking a moment to read about our family!