Saturday, March 24, 2012

Ava's "Fairy Land" Birthday Party!

As our daughter, Ava, neared her 3rd birthday party she thankfully, did not leave the theme up to me. She was very certain that she wanted a fairy party! We all know this makes it easier on Mommy, so I was thrilled! Approximately one month before her party we began putting together all our ideas and slowly searching for things until they all fell together for her "magical" day.
Fairy Party
 I knew that was just what I wanted the day to be for her, magical! I wanted to take her idea of fairies but make her feel as if she was part of their magical world. I am truly milking the stage that she is at and the innocence of her running around each day exclaiming "Look, Mommy--I'm FLYINGGG", because I know the day will come where she will sadly grow out of the magical land that she lives in today.

  Fairy Party Sneak Peak: Mommy & Ava getting all set up! 
Mommy & Ava getting things all set up! :) 

This party was very special to me as quite a lot of it was a collaboration of my husband and I's DIY work. The "fairy door" in the center was built from wood by my husband, then I finished it off with a fresh coat of paint, a cute moss trim, and a little brass door knocker. The tiered cupcake stands, welcome sign, and vases were a few of our other projects completed for the party! Please message me for any further details as I did  not put up full tutorials!





 Fairy Party Sneak Peak: Cupcakes by Nadia's Cakes & Fondant Toppers by Modern Luxe
One of my favorite details! The cupcakes!! You can find all the info below!

and cookies!

Angel Food Cake/Strawberry "Wands"

Frozen Yogurt Bar Set Up
Our "Frozen Yogurt Bar"

Ava & Her Frozen Yogurt
Frozen Yogurt & Fruit is Ava's favorite "treat", so I knew this was an idea I wanted to incorporate! We used "waffle bowls" for a cute little touch!

Party Favors! Pixie Dust, Wings, Wands, Bracelets
and last but not least, magical fairy houses! Fairies live inside!

Some fairy friends! :)


 -Cupcakes: Nadia's Cakes 
-Fondant Toppers on Cupcakes: Modern Luxe Events: You can find them here!
-Mushroom Cookies: Grandma ;) 
-Plates/Napkins: Cath Kidston 
-Ceramic Mushrooms: Michael's, painted pink with polka dots. 
-Fairy door, fairy welcome sign, wood vases, and cupcake towers all DIY projects. Feel free to message me if you would like additional information on them! 
-Pixie Dust Bottles/Magic Wand: Hobby Lobby 
-Table Cloth: just burlap fabric cut to size.


  1. Everything looks AMAZING!! I'm sure she was so excited! I really love the angel food cake with the strawberries, I seen something similar on Pinterest I wanted to try. I really love the little details and the mushrooms too, oh and the yogurt bar! Great job with everything!!

  2. LOVE THIS so adorable!!! I LOVE the lil mushrooms....and the door...eric was like, how did they find a little door-knocker thingy???!! haha..he was impressed too. seriously LOVE it. great job momma! Ava should be proud!!!

  3. OMG Holly! Everything turned out gorgeous! So proud of you and Steve and your hard work for little miss Ava :) I'm sure she had so much fun and loved it! Good job love!

  4. Thanks ladies!!! We had a really great time, it was well worth all the work! :)