Monday, December 31, 2012

Goodnight 2012.

Oh and who's that cute dog that a few of you wrote in asking about? 
Meet Boo!
He's so cute that Hubby surprised me with one too, because yes, I love Boo that much!
He is "the World's Cutest Dog" and you can buy him and his books on Amazon, Nordstrom, etc! 

Hot Cocoa Whipped Cream Heart

Off to enjoy New Year's Eve with my hubby and some delicious hot cocoa (and a whipped cream heart) because ♥s make me happy!!!

Until next year....

Sunday, December 30, 2012

A look back at 2012!!

It was an amazing year for us! Looking back on the year only reminds me of how blessed our family has been this past year and we are looking forward to whatever God has in store for us for 2013!

Here's some 2012 Highlights:

-I started classes again and got A's in all of them!

-Our family saw Sesame Street Live!
Sesame LiveSesame Street Live

-My mom and my little sister came to visit! & Steve's mom and his little brother came to visit! We are so thankful that they all came and we got to enjoy time with them all!
Mom Beach

-We went to Disneyland TWICE! and Disneyland Adventure for the first time!

Main StCastle Collage
Carousel CollageDisney Family Photo

-I published over 200 blogs! and some of our favorite projects and parties were featured on some lovely sites such as Apartment TherapyOhDeedOh, Project Nursery, IHeartNaptime, IHeart Organizing, and
more! So grateful for all of those opportunities!





-I started the Connecting with your Children challenge! I learned a lot and was thankful to do it along side of some of my amazing followers!
GoofsPretend Grocery Store

-I donated over 10.5 inches of my hair for charity!
My Pantene Beautiful Lengths Donation

-Steve and I helped with a fundraiser to support Breast Cancer!

-Ava started ballet and took part in two recitals!!
Photo: <3

-Lex learned all kinds of new words and got her first set of piggy tails :D

-Steve and I celebrated 7 years of marriage!
Date Night!

I completed a few different Tone It Up Challenges and in general maintained fitness goals for myself!
Tone It Up

And last, but not least, I received 14 emails from readers saying I inspired them in some way. For some it was related to parenting, others it was to eat less processed food, one said it was simply to "love more". Thank you all so much for all the kind words you send in! Reading emails like those inspire ME! ♥

I want to thank each and everyone of you for following me along on my blogging journey! I made quite a few changes for my blog this year! No more posting daily like previous years but to be honest it was way more enjoyable for me to blog this past year--so, again this year I will continue along on a somewhat similar path. Just wanted to keep you up to date on what to expect to see this year from me!

I would also LOVE to do another 30 day challenge with you all again this year! Please email me or post below if you have any ideas or requests!!! Looking forward to connecting with you all again this year!!!

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas! ♥

I should apologize for the amount of photos you are about to see. But this was my attempt and what I "cut it down" to!

Their initial
...and excitment.





Stickers?! For ME?! ♥






Lex and her new "bebe", love at first sight. ♥




Ava was SO surprised she actually got a puppy (look at her little hands, hehe)


My sister made them the most adorable little superhero capes!!!

So thrilled by the Doc McStuffins doll Grandma & Papa got them! The other thing at the top of their wishlist!

...then we had some fun playing at their bakery with them! So fun!

ava cookies


Hope you all had a great day!!

Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Eve!!! & Our DIY Play Bakery Reveal!


Merry Christmas Eve! So excited to be saying that! We try not to overload the bottom of our tree with a billion presents, but instead have a few larger ones with lots of meaning behind them. For us this normally involves a DIY project that Hubby and I work on together! We are so pleased with how it came out and I have been so excited to share it with you all!!!
Christmas Set Up

Our Play Bakery

Bakery Banner

Play Bakery Display

(don't think you can see the little writing on their signs but payments are taken in forms of hugs) :D

Hot Coca


Boo Dogs
One of the main things Ava wanted was a "puppy in a box". Lol.

Girls Play Bakery

Christmas Tree
and with that, I am hopping into bed. That is, if I can sleep. I am worse than a kid when it comes to Christmas!!!

Wishing you all a happy Holiday!