Monday, January 16, 2012

Treats for your Sweets! ♥ Simple Play Food for Valentine's Day!


I'm helping a friend with some cute simple things to add to her Valentine's Day party & I figured I would share some of it with you all too! Everything I've done is super simple things that anyone can do!

I love finding alternatives to giving children candy and play food, especially play candies, is a perfect alternative!

I know I don't do 'full' tutorials on my blog very often..and the reason for that is that these things are so simple it almost feels silly to take pictures of each step, so I'm going to keep this simple and if anyone has always, you can feel welcome to shoot me an email or message!

many of you saw these little cuties on our Christmas post...they are the simplest thing! It's just 'mini' cupcake liners with a painted block inside, but they really add that cute touch to our cakestand!

for a cute alternative for the typical box of chocolates on Valentine's can pop them into a cute paper mache box (which you can find at craft stores!) like this one!
we also added some painted "sprinkles" etc to some of our candies, Miss Ava just ran off with them! :)

and last, I did a simple Martha Stewart project, felt fortune cookies! I used pipe cleaners instead of the floral wire! I always have pipe cleaners on hand and I also thought it would be a little more 'safe' just in case my kiddos tried to destroy these! :) I used pipe cleaner and then glued a piece of felt over top!

and there you have it! Hope your kiddos love these as much as mine do! ♥

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