Monday, November 26, 2012

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year! ♥

Holiday Happenings so far this year! ♥


Sweet Potato Souffle
Hello, Sweet Potato Souffle. We had a really great Thanksgiving!! We hosted some of the single guys from Steve's work--and it was a lot of fun and neat to have some extra people to fill our home that day!

Elf on The Shelf
Our elf Buddy returned as well :)

Frosted Gingerbread Candle

The Americana at Brand Fountain
Some shopping at the Americana--always so gorgeous this time of year, or really any time of year.

Tiffany & Co Christmas Tree
Swoon. ♥

Tiffany Christmas

Christmas Countdown
28 Days. So. So. So. Excited!!! ♥

Guess who's home?!?!

I have about a million photos I want to upload--so I am trying to figure out how to 'group' them all instead of just doing one huge random assortment of photos, haha! So, this is the next set!

Those of you that follow me on instagram, etc. know that Hubby was gone for work recently--so happy that he got home right in time for the holidays and grateful that was a short trip! ♥

Chocolate Countdown
He left me with a countdown made of chocolate--smart, smart man! 

the girls and school kept me plenty busy :)

Daddy & Ava
We all missed him so much! Especially this little lady.


Randoms :)



Miss Lex woke up...with no clothes on, yet somehow, her piggy tails were still in. Strange.


Sleepy Lex

And the winner is........!

Paige Owens! Paige has been contacted and will be receiving her prize soon! Congrats Paige! Thanks so much to everyone who entered and a huge thank you to Christianne over at Mikaylove for the opportunity!!

If you didn't win and are still interested in Mikaylove's gorgeous bracelets she is doing a Cyber Monday sale so head over and get 20 percent off with the code 'CYBER20'! Her free shipping ended on Thanksgiving so today is a great time to get a great deal!!!!

Thanks again everyone!! Hope you all had a great Holiday weekend!

Friday, November 16, 2012

Mikaylove ♥ Review & Giveaway!


I am so so excited to do this giveaway! I saw these bracelets and simply...fell in love! And I know you will  too... so excuse me as I try to hold back my squeals to give a review quick--then onto the giveaway!!

First off, Christianne, the owner of Etsy Shop Mikaylove is amazing to work with, so sweet and generous! So thank you Christianne for this opportunity! I appreciate it so much!

I received a lovely package of three of Mikaylove's bracelets. Two double wrap bracelets in Black and Burgundy and also a Cross Weave Bracelet in Hot Pink! All three are great statement pieces that will also stack well with the rest of your arm party ;) Honestly, that is probably the thing I love most about these bracelets--they look GREAT on their own and still make a statement, but they are also delicate enough that they will mix right in with the rest of your bracelets, watches, etc!

A big factor for most people--the price point. Again, another thing I love about these bracelets! The double wrap bracelets currently retail for just $11.80 including US shipping! The cross weave is also a very affordable piece at just $12.60 again including US shipping. Honestly they look so much more expensive than that--and I would pay way more to be honest, but having an affordable price point is always appreciated!

Another one of my favorite things about these bracelets...the details! The double wrap bracelets have such adorable detailing.
Oh, yes. That would be a heart that dangles from the clasp (insert cheesy squeal here!) and the mikaylove tag is adorable too! I wore this out the other day and had numerous people notice the heart and comment on it! It adds the cutest touch!

Here is the Mikaylove Cross Weave Bracelet in Hot Pink with my Michael Kors Watch and Mae Movement / Lily & Laura Bracelet!

Michael Kors Gold Chronograph Mae Movement Lily Laura Mikaylove

and here to show that they make a statement on their own too! This is the Mikaylove Burgundy Double Wrap Bracelet. (Link Here).
Fall Mikaylove Louis Vuitton Burgundy

These are such great pieces! Chain detailing is very "in" right now and I love the way Mikaylove adds a nice pop of color, making it more interesting in my opinion! If you are looking for an affordable piece that is classic yet on trend--I definitely recommend you check out Mikaylove!

For the giveaway!! The rules are simple--first, you MUST be a follower of this blog to enter. You can "follow" my blog by clicking the blue "join this site" button over on the right.

After you have followed by blog--simply visit Mikaylove's Etsy Shop and leave a comment below stating Your name, email, and which bracelet, if chosen, you would like to win! That's it, all you need to do! Everything else is optional!

for an extra entry you can follow Mikaylove on Instagram @mikayloveinc

for an extra extra entry you can "pin" this giveaway on pinterest and leave a link below with your pin!

Your comment below should look something like:
1. Holly Cox:, I followed (or already follow) the Baby Steps Blog
2. I would like to win the pink double wrap bracelet
3. I followed mikayloveinc on instagram (optional extra entry)
4. I pinned the giveaway here: link (optional extra entry)

Another huge thank you to Mikaylove! And good luck to everyone who enters! I will close the giveaway next Friday: November 23rd at 11:59 PM (PST)!

Giveaway ends November 23rd, 2012 11:59 PM PST 
Open Internationally (thanks Mikaylove!!)
Winner will be selected via
Disclosure of Material Connection: the products included in this giveaway are in fact provided by the manufacturer/designer. All opinions stated are my own.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012


It's been awhile :) I wish I had tons to update you all on--but, really I don't! Just keeping myself busy and looking SO forward to the holidays!!!

I haven't been doing my instagram updates on here as often. But I am doing a Photo A Day Challenge and I feel crazy to get on here and upload so many photos between those random photos and my regular ones, so I won't! But you can follow me on there if you care to see my bazillion photos! I'll try to update this weekend!


Aside from that, we had fun with our princesses on Halloween!

started my next series with Tone It Up! The "Holiday Hottie" series! 

and been enjoying cooking lots of fall yumminess in my Le Creuset! 

between all that and school--I've been a busy bee, and loving it!
I hope you've all been great too!

ohhhhhhh, and I just so happen to have a lovely giveaway coming later this week--so stay tuned for that!

Friday, November 2, 2012