Tuesday, June 5, 2012

"Welcome to Ava's Restwant! Nice to meet chu!"

I don't know about all you but I had a TON of food to eat last night at Miss Ava's restaurant! We had so much fun playing and pretending! Steve and I would come visit her restaurant and I would push her play stroller with her baby in it and she was so thrilled by this simple concept, lol. Ava was quite the hostess and got the baby a high chair just like a regular restaurant would.   I love hearing all your stories about the challenges so keep them coming! ♥

For today I hope you all have fun reading with your little ones! Don't forget about the dancing challenge tomorrow! Again you can refer to the full list of challenges HERE. I will try to get on tomorrow to do a little update quick before NO internet on Thursday because I will obviously not be posting that day!

So far, I think this will be the biggest "challenge".  But it should be fun & I know we can all do it! Friday is an easy day and I will be back on Friday to do a small update, Things I'm ♥ing Friday will be back, our new challenges will be up---if you stayed off the internet Thursday be sure to pop in some time on Friday and let us all know! Again you can do as many or as little of the challenges as you'd like but I love to hear which ones you do/do not do!

Have a good night everyone! ♥


  1. I am SUPER excited about tomorrows challenge..we LOVE to dance around here!! :) Tonight they kids picked out a few books - I'll love you forever- which is MY FAVE, and was actually mine as a child, and Kellen picked out the big dinosaur book...it's educational and boringggg to read, but they love it! lol... Have a great night!

  2. I suspect we will be reading Where the Wild Things Are and various Thomas the Train books. :)

  3. Oops was signed in under Dan for a second...We read Halloween Night quite a few times. The boys are all about "spooky" now so they love Halloween books. I think we've got this book from the library a million times now...guess we should buy it!

  4. I am here! I have missed a few days! Totally bummed about that! Time for dancing! <3