Monday, June 4, 2012

Weekend Catch Up!


I hope you all had a great weekend!!! I just wanted to catch up a little bit. Saturday was no TV which I talked about already! Then Sunday we went out for some lunch & shopping before coming home for family game night! We played candyland, the girls favorite! How was your family game night if you are participating? Also, we'll have some prizes coming up by the beginning of next week, which I am really excited about! Have a great week everyone! I'll do my best at getting reminders up for the challenges, if you are coming in late--you can find the challenges HERE. Thanks ♥

Here's a reminder of your challenge today!

Here we go, our first full week! Did you get your gratitude rock this weekend? What do you think? Isn’t it nice to have that moment to yourself to remember all the things you have to be grateful for. Share your thoughts on it in a comment on the blog.
Here’s your challenge: Do your dishes this morning. What?! Yes. Go do them when you wake up, or maybe after breakfast. Because you won’t be doing them tonight. You are actually NOT allowed to do your dishes tonight. Don’t even look at them. Instead, you’re going to take that time and play in your childrens’ kitchen. You can do their play dishes instead if you must :) If they don’t have a kitchen , just play with play food. Or you could even make a pretend kitchen with a cardboard box.  This is not only about taking spending that extra time with your children, it’s about realizing that sometimes, things can wait. Granted, household chores need done...but realize that sometimes it’s okay to relax a little, get OUT of routine, and focus on the more important things. The dishes can wait till the morning.


  1. We played Uno (the boys favorite). We have everyone's cards face up and just ask them "Do you have a 3 or a red?" They love it and it helps them with colors and number recognition. We had a busy day so we let them stay up a little late and I showed them how to make a 3 ingred. cobbler I found on pinterest. We played Uno while it baked then had a fun dessert.

  2. We have been super busy round here It's really taking some adjusting making sure to spend more time with them. I never realized how much time I spend doing my own thing, watching tv, cleaning until it's not allowed :) We played chutes and ladders and crocodile dentist, but we've spent a lot of time outside playing as well! LOL.. As for the rock- I have one, but my pregnant brain misplaces it or loses it in my purse daily!! :) Anyways we are loving this, and can't wait for pretend kitchen play tonight. :)

  3. We did no TV and game afternoon yesterday. It wasn't too hard because we had a birthday party for his cousin and spent most of the day outside playing in the water with his broken arm wrapped in a bread bag and vet-wrapped in place. lol Quite the sight. We played "Let's Go Fishin'" for almost two hours because he didn't want to stop. lol

    He didn't even miss the TV.

    Today we are working, but I am inclined to do no chores today and we played cars this morning...he doesn't like "kitchen" unless it's in the playhouse outside, and I'm sick, so playing outside was a no-go this morning.

    Definitely enjoying this. It's fun, and gives me ideas! I love to play with him, just always looking for ideas on what to do.

  4. We had the "Very Hungry Caterpillar Game" and somehow little Sarah always wins! haha
    ..I never get passed that moon :)

    Kitchen play is an abs fav.. and while complimenting her on her cookingskills she got very confident and poor munchkin took a spoonful of her Limejuice, salt, raw quinoa and basil..
    Eek! Thankfully water was 1 step away and we could rinse her mouth..

    (Im so so looking forward to wednesdays challenge!)

    x Kimberley

  5. We had fun playing in the kids diner tonight. Normally we just watch them play or if they bring us a food we will pretend to eat it but not much more than that. Tonight Dan and I pretended to go on a date and the boys put on ties and were the waiter and chef. It was adorable and so funny to see them playing out things (even being out of what was on the menu!). Then we traded and they got to be the guests and picked things from the menu (books) like worms and ducks lol Definately will do this more often! (And Lil wore a beret and just said YUUUM! Daaaaddddyyyy! the whole time!)

  6. We coloured together last night. I asked him if he wanted to play a game like memory or uno moo, but he wanted to colour, so that's what we did! :)