Wednesday, June 6, 2012

30 Day Challenge Followers!!

Don't forget tomorrow is our no internet day! Please check in here whether you did/did not complete this days challenge! :) & Let's chat about the kind of days you had with no internet! ♥


  1. I did it! I am glad I did! It was hard but worth it. We were limited on what we could do with the carpet people being here but it was still great!

  2. I did too:) Well kind of...I didn't go on until the kids were in bed at night! It went well-was weird realizing all the little times I go on (like to check the weather, email Dan etc). We did have more time than usual though and I noticed the kids are always happier and better behaved when they have my full attention all day. We made it to the park twice and had a great day!

  3. Yey! Glad you girls did it too! and Alicia I know what you mean! The night before I was thinking of little things like just making sure my recipe for dinner that night was wrote out, etc! Lol.

    Glad you all had great days! ♥