Saturday, June 2, 2012

I hope your....

TV is OFF! Share in comments below how your day without TV went if you participated in todays challenge!!!  I wanted to share a little quick while my girlies are napping!

Normally on Saturdays we are out and not having TV probably would not have been any issue. But, today we have been home and plan to be home all day! The TV has been off and honestly I don't think the girls or the hubby has even noticed, no one has asked or mentioned it. So it is going smoothly! This morning I did some freshening up of the girls play area taking out those random unnecessary things that (somehow?) always seem to find their way over there.  I think that helped with distracting the girls, they suddenly always want to play with everything as I am cleaning it ;) and we played a little "restaurant" after. We then spent some time in the pool which distracted them too.

I don't let them stay glued to the TV regularly anyway, but, I do definitely let them watch it! Today was a nice little eye opener that no one has seemed to notice it and definitely an encouragement to do this more in the future!

I'd love to hear how everyone else's day went too!


  1. This one was a total no-go because we were at work. lol That's part of my goal for tomorrow, since we'll be home. I'm sure the TV will be on, but it won't be for us!

  2. We did pretty good. We were gone a lot so that helped of course. I realized that O has the most problem with it. He has a little obsession with Dora;) But puzzles and books distracted him even though he still asked a few times for Dora.

  3. My husband and I were at a retreat over the weekend, so Grammie & Pop were staying with our daughter. I don't think they were successful, lol. We're going to make this our goal for today though!

  4. Well, we were gone most of the day, so it wasn't too hard. I would like to do it again on a day where we are home. My son is VERY used to watching a show when he first wakes up...

  5. This one was rough for us b/c we do leave the tv on and I have my daily but we made it work, and I felt like the kids only noticed when they were bored :) so I think it went okay... we will still watch our morning cartoons and our movie time together, but we have been keeping it off more and more each day!