Friday, June 1, 2012

Happy June! Your first challenge!

"First thing tomorrow is taking my lil miss on a gratitude rock search.. 
The search on it self would already be something i will be very grateful for and will treasure it forever.. I also want to tell you im grateful for finding out about your blog ;) Love, Kimberley "

I am grateful for all your sweet messages! ♥ Thanks for sharing Kimberely!

Alright everyone, this is just your reminder! 

Today is your first challenge!!! Simply keep the weekly focus in mind...gratitude. Remind yourself as the day goes on just how grateful you are for your children. Also remember that you will get out of this challenge what you put into it, so remember to give it your all. If a day goes by where you forget, or "slip up" on a challenge...just keep the weekly focus in mind and stay on the right track. The purpose of the weekly challenge is just that to serve as a reminder all week long.
Onto the challenge: Do you have a gratitude rock? I do! If you don't, maybe think of adding it to your to do list for the weekend. You can use any rock, typically a smooth one. It doesn't matter where it is from, pick one up from your backyard, I had one left from a project. Keep it with you in your purse, your pocket, and each time your hand touches it...think of something you are grateful for. Even if you are just staying at home...keep it on your nightstand and each night before you go to bed, hold the rock in the palm of your hand, close your hand, close your eyes, and think of what you are grateful for...and say thank you. Gratitude allows you to keep your mind in a positive place. We all know that is the best place for our mind to be. :)
 “Gratitude is riches. Complaint is poverty.” -Christian Science Hymnal

Now...QUESTION! Should I continue with Things I'm ♥ing Friday during June?! 

Also, feel free to share any thoughts you have on today's challenge below in a comment! 


  1. Sucess, finally!

    Anyway, I have been doing this unconsciously for a while. Zack picked up a rock a few weeks ago in the backyard and declared that it was a "dinosaur egg." It has been in my diaper bag ever since. Every time I reach in and find it there, I can't help but smile and be grateful for the silly little boy with the grand imagination that would turn a smooth rock into a "dinosaur egg."

  2. We had a funeral today so sadly I didn't get around to the challenge but am ready to go at this tomorrow! Hoping to take the kids on a walk and let everyone pick a rock! Thank you

    1. I'm sorry to hear that! :( Whenever you get a chance is definitely okay! ♥

  3. We went out to the lot where our new home is being built. I told the kids about "gratitude rocks" and we all picked out a rock from the big piles close to our foundation. I think they'll have a lot of meaning to us being picked from the foundation of where our family will continue to grow. Connor was already using his and said he's grateful for Christmas;)

    1. That is so cute! Definitely something you all will remember forever! You all are making me feel lame that mine was just a rock that I already had at the house. Maybe I need to go find another with more meaning behind it! :) ♥

  4. Since I have a big "mom purse" I was wondering what would be big enough that I could toss in without it getting lost in the abyss, lol. My daughter found a really pretty piece of quartz in our backyard that works perfectly! Now we're trying to find a special little stone for Daddy to put in his pocket at work to help him focus on the positives as he's dealing with stressful times there.

  5. Holly dear, how wonderful to read ive inspired other mums to go with their little ones to find their special rock.. feels lovely!

    Speak soon!
    Love, Kimberley

  6. We are starting the challenge a little late but today we are going to go hunting for a gratitude rock! I'm excited to do this with my son. :)
    And please if you can continue the things your loving Friday! I love that part of your blog :)