Friday, June 8, 2012

Things I'm ♥ing Friday!


Trying a new layout this week, which involves me not being such a chatty Kathy. More to the point and hopefully easier for you all to navigate! Let me know what you think!! ♥


  1. love rose gold, and love turquoise....together even better!

  2. o ps did you know there was white turquoise??? i know you like white accessories as much as i do...i just discovered this recently...and hopefully soon i can show you something I've been working on that might just involve this....coming home soon! like August! so happy..

  3. White turquoise?! I had no idea!! And yey! I can't wait to see!! :) I didn't know you guys were coming back so soon! For good right? Will you be living down in OC?

  4. yep for good! we will be in OC or a little north of there, like LA area. :)

  5. i commented here the other day but i don't see it...maybe it didnt post. anyways, if you did get it sorry for posting again but yes, for good and we will be somewhere between OC and LA depending on where Eric will work!! can't wait to be back in Cali! we are sending the dogs early though, end of this month..they will be with Sam until we are home!!

    1. Yey! I'm sure Sam will take great care of them! & I'm excited that you guys will be back soon! We will have to meet up and let the girls play!