Thursday, April 12, 2012

Miss Ava & some Tamale Pie!

I am a pretty proud mother when I say that my 3 year can crack an egg totally on her own. Literally, no mess, no shell in bowl! She L♥VES watching me cook and maybe a few weeks ago, she asked me "Mommy, Can I crack the egg?" I agreed, prepared for the mess I knew I was probably about to witness...but to my surprise, she really can do it! The first time she did make a little mess but not at all how I picture it would be.
and now, she's a champ!

I try to involve her as much as I can when cooking! My mom always let me help and I know my love for cooking came from her!

Here's some pics of Ava doing some cooking tonight. I mean really, she made our dinner almost on her own. Partially because she is just that amazing and also because it was a pretty easy meal!DSC_2885


Ava's finished Tamale Pie! Now, I love tamales but I had never had tamale pie before. I was a little leary and of course it's not 'quite' as great as tamales! Butttt, I was pretty impressed with this recipe! It was yummy and SO simple! We did use a regular egg in place of an egg substitute. Ava just has way too much fun with the real thing :)


Hop over to Pinch of Yum for the recipe! Hubby liked it so much he requested we have it again next week. I'm sure Ava will not mind helping out again!

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