Saturday, February 4, 2012

There's a New Bag in Town! ♥

Well, many of you know I am a sucker for handbags. My Hubby got spoiled with "man" after some saving, he spoiled me in return this weekend by getting me my "dream" bag, a Balenciaga!

We actually went in last weekend with intentions of getting a neutral grayish brown. I was comparing sizes and for some reason (perhaps fate) :) the sales associate handed me one size in a pink, the other size in the brown. The size was a quick choice, face just lit up with the pink. My hubby saw it, the sales associate did, I didn't even say a word, because I didn't plan on a pink bag. A little disappointed, I put back the brown, I knew I wasn't as excited about the color as I should have been. Ava....was actually the first one to say it..."Mommy, get the pink!!" Thinking that it was silly, I shrugged it off, yet could NOT stop staring back at the bag. My hubby and the sale associate chimed in too that it did seem "me" and I agreed 100%. But, I am not much of a person to do things on a whim, so we left.
Well, all week, I could not stop thinking about this bag. The hardware, the color, the feel of the amazing leather. While I knew it wasn't the MOST practical choice, it did feel right, and everyone I showed was like Holly that bag is "YOU!". And, they were right, after fighting it, I surrendered, I got a PINK bag! I don't regret it for even a second, lol. Now that I have it, I know it was the right choice!  Yes, me getting a pink bag after planning on a brown one is being a total wild child to me, not joking at all! Lol! I plan things. I organize things. Even the thoughts in my head.  Most of the time it works in my favor, but sometimes it holds me back a bit, so...this bag will remind me to not let that happen!

We upgraded to the gorgeous "giant" rose gold hardware, which is discontinued now, so it feels extra special and unique!  You kind of have to hunt around the boutiques to find what is left of them, so I lucked out to find one in the color I wanted! The color of the bag totally transforms depending on what color it is by, making it quite neutral after all! I love love love it! ♥  ♥ I still can't believe it is actually mine! :)


it is the perfect shade of dusty pink!


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