Sunday, February 5, 2012

Keeping it Real. & Our Giveaway Winner!

    I am honored by all the emails I got this past week by all of you lovely people! You all had such kind words to say, asking how I manage to keep things in balance while being a good mommy & wife. I was truly touched, especially when most of you, I have never met!
    One of the biggest questions I get is how I feed my family only healthy food and how I manage to make so much homemade while keeping up with other mommy & wife duties. Well, my answer for that is quite simple. I do what I can! I think that's what all of us do. I really do try my best to do everything I can.
We eat generally healthy, yes. But. I eat this too. Not every pizza I consume is heart shaped and homemade! I promise! ♥

and a big congrats to Destini W! You won the HappyBaby Giveaway!! :)

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