Friday, February 3, 2012

Things I'm ♥ ing Friday!


1. Colored denim! I'm loving all the pastel colored denim out right now! I ordered some pretty light blue ones and now I am on the hunt for some pink ones! AE has some cute ones online!

2. Rose Gold! Rose gold...anything basically.  I'm dying to get my hands on a pretty bracelet or some bangles! I really like this Marc by Marc one!

3. Josie Maran Bear Naked Wipes! These are my favorite makeup removing wipes, they are so gentle on your face and they remove eye makeup well too!! I need to go repurchase some this weekend because I'm almost out, but I never think twice about rebuying them, great product!

4. Bumkins Bibs! Our family loves these things. Unfortunately, after like..what years now?! Of Ava's....we had a casualty and one of hers got ruined :( So, when I ordered some more, I realized they needed to me added to my list this week because we were sad without it, lol.

5. No Knead Bread Words cannot express my love for this bread, lol. I made a loaf again last night and it just feels like the ultimate comfort food, love it!

And as always, I'm loving that it's Friday! I hope you all have a great weekend!!! Don't forget to enter the giveaway if you haven't yet! ♥

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