Friday, June 15, 2012

Things I'm ♥ing Friday!


1. Eat Yourself Skinny Funfetti Dip 2. Children's felt play sushi set. 3. The "Carrie" Bracelet.  4. "Lucky Us" print. No source :( I can't find it, any one know where this comes from? I would LOVE to do a gallery wall using this & the Made By Girl print! 5. Made By Girl "Love" Metallic Gold on Mint.


  1. MMM that dip looks so good! So the past two challenges went very well. Not saying No wasn't to hard, on things where I just couldn't say yes I would say something other than "NO". Olivia stayed up late playing with a friend we have over for dinner every week, I think that was her favorite part of the day. No couch went well, I think Luke enjoyed it the most, Olivia didn't really seem to notice. A few of the hours were spent at the park. We were at my sisters and I was sitting on the ground so my two nieces ( 2yo and 4 yo) along with Olivia "fixed" my hair....yea it was painful. Overall two great days!

  2. No couch plus bad back equals one sore mama today. But the little man sure seemed to think mommy on the floor was funny. He kept laughing and bringing me trains.

  3. I made that dip over the weekend! It was really good with the greek yogurt!