Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Spring & Summer Jewelry! ♥

I have been so excited to welcome the spring & summer seasons! I love all the fun colors and trends that are out right now and one of the things I've been having the most fun with--is new jewelry! I have always been a huge jewelry fan and love the way it can add a different twist to a basic outfit!

I figured I would share some quick pics with you all of some of the new things I've gotten that I'm enjoying!
New jewelry pic

this chevron necklace is one of my favorite pieces! I had an awesome seller on etsy do this as a custom for me and she was able to match the color I wanted perfectly! I won't lie...I got this color to coordinate with my new bag & all the PINK and "romantic" color hues I wear with it! It is a longer length which I love because I can layer it with other shorter pieces or wear it on it's own as well!
Chevron Necklace
You can find her here: Foudre Blanche on Etsy. Great prices too! She has the same necklace available for purchase now too!

then another favorite, are my new Kate Spade bangles! My sweet hubby got these for me! They are from the Kate Spade Idiom line and each one is engraved with cute sayings! On my birthday he got me my first one that was a gold bangle that read "Heart of Gold". I thought it was SO sweet and I love it, well, the line comes out with new colors each season and this time, he chose some NEON ones for me. I am so in L♥VE with them.
Neon Kate Spade Bangles

don't mind my instagram shot, I forgot to take a pic with the cam, lol.

Alright, that is the last of my random jewelry post! I knew they wouldn't all fit in my things I'm ♥ing Friday so I figured I'd do a seperate little post! What's some of the jewelry you guys are loving this season?! I'd love some new ideas!

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