Thursday, April 5, 2012

Some fun new learning tools!

 We decided that at least for this year, Ava will be "preschool"ing here at home! But I want to make sure I work with her on things and prepare her the best I can. So! I'm slowly building up our little preschool stash of learning goodies! I wanted to share some of the things we've gotten that we are really enjoying so far!

We purchased both on amazon! Big Preschool Workbook Here! & Rainbow Bear Family Here!

the bear counters are really great because of 1. the different colors! and 2. the different sizes! This leaves you with all kinds of different ways to let the kids sort them! The easiest way is by colors, I like to just cover cups in scrapbook paper with each different color and let Ava sort the bears into the appropriate colored cup. Then from there you can dump them out, and have them sort the different sizes, etc! They actually make entire books of different pattern ideas

where the child can just set them right onto the cards! I haven't purchased them yet but you can find them HERE!
& yes that would be Ava wearing glasses inside. She had just gotten them and insisted on wearing them, lol. ♥

Let me know if you have any fun learning ideas!! :)

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