Saturday, March 3, 2012

Thanks Sis! ♥

My sister sent us an adorable box packed with all kinds of goodies we got today! She made Ava some adorable little leg warmers that I'll probably take some photos of at ballet soon, but she sent some surprises for them too! Looooook how adorable this play food is!!! We all know I am just as in love with play food as my girls are, so I was so excited to play with this cute little taco set!
Chelsea is an EXTREMELY talented crafter and makes all sorts of neat stuff, she is working on getting her own blog up and going, if you're interested you can find her here!


  1. I remember when I visited Ohio with you so long ago.. and your sisters being so talented. Chelsea made that!!!?!?! Amamzing. super adorable. Like super super!!