Monday, March 26, 2012

Being Busy!

Well, I'm sure you've all noticed less posts lately!  This is just the "time" of year where we get really busy! We had Ava's party last week, her actual birthday this week, and a Disneyland trip coming up very soon! Then we move onto Steve's birthday...and just summer in general, when our families tend to come out to visit, etc! So please excuse my less frequent posts! For the past couple years I powered through it all and still posted my photo a day, but at the start of this year, I decided I was not going to continue with it. Granted I will post when I can...but not necessarily each and every day anymore! After two years of it, I think I proved to myself that I 'can' do it, but I also proved that I take photos of....well, everything, and I don't necessarily need that challenge to keep me going, lol. I have just grown to love taking photos in general, so, I don't think that is every going to go away! :)

With that said, I wanted to share a quick photo of Ava helping make herself a smoothie this morning! An added perk of doing a frozen yogurt you get to freeze all the yummy fruit for smoothies after! :)

Have a great week everyone! I'm sure I'll be back with Ava's birthday photos later this week. We made her "main" gift, another project, which I can't wait to share with her & you guys too!  You'll see it sooooon! ♥

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