Sunday, March 18, 2012

Weekend Snapshots: Date Night Edition! ♥

datenightcollage Thanks to some very lovely friends of ours, we were able to enjoy a date night out to celebrate our anniversary! You all know this does not happen very often for us! So we were so thankful and excited! You all know I like to get all dressed up on date night and was excited to wear a new dress or skirt...but, the weather decided to play a trick on me and I had to do a wardrobe change last minute! But that's okay because we had an awesome time anyway! We went to our favorite sushi spot!! Yum. ♥ While we waited I decided to document Steve and I's matching thumb scars. How random huh?! And his from working on a car and mine from appropriate, for both of us! Oh and please excuse all my phone pics :) datenightcollage2 we devoured roll after roll and some regular sushi too. It was amazing as always! Then we rounded off the night by picking up some cupcakes for home and relaxed at a cute little coffee shop for the rest of the evening! Such a nice relaxing weekend, hope you all enjoyed yours too! ♥


  1. Yum! Date nights are so important, hubby and I have one at *least* once a month. We actually had a comedy club date night on Sunday and had SO much fun.. I've never had sushi. Isn't that horrible? Sounds like a future date night in the making. :o) Have a great week Holly!

  2. That sounds like so much fun! & You must try it, Laurie! So yummy! Hope you have a great week too! ♥

  3. omgomg..holly you are teasing me with these sushi shots!! We miss sushi so much...first thing we do when we get home is go straight to the sushi bar haha :O)

    1. Leah when we were there we were actually discussing how amazing it was when the 4 of us used to go EVERY Friday night. Lol. We try to get there when we can but it definitely does not happen every week like it used to!

  4. o man, that was good times....when Eric and I were home this christmas we went to Koi, and I was remembering when we went there for your birthday. When we move back to Cali somehow we need to do sushi again!!! I say we should go to KOI. mom can watch all the girls!! :)