Friday, February 24, 2012

Things I'm ♥ ing Friday!


1. Anthropologie's Perpertual Bloom Towels! I will admit I've been kind of a diva when hunting for new face towels. I just use the smaller size to dry off once I wash my face.  But I like for it to be 1. Pretty 2. Soft. 3. Different from the rest of the towels so they don't get mixed up. & Yes, I'm aware that I think about stuff to much  :) Anyway, these ones look like they might be a match for me.

2. ASOS's Chevron Enamel Bangles! I love how colorful these are!

3. Martha Stewart's Home Office Line at Staples! Yes, I'm a Martha fan...and I really like her home office stuff at Staples! This weekend I am running in to pick up some notepads, sticky pads, etc. because I have a birthday party that I need to plan and with just under a month left....I should probably get started! I plan ahead on just about everything...but parties, has never been one of them, I always do things last minute. But with under a month left, I need to get on it! I am old school when it comes to parties I just simply jot stuff down, ideas, lists. etc!

4. FREE DIY Popsicle Memory Game over at EatDrinkChic! I think this idea is so cute! I can't wait to make a set for the girls!

5. I Had A Favorite Dress! This book is so adorable for little girls! Especially with our generation of DIY'ers! It is the story of how the mother changes up the dress so the little girl could continue wearing it as she grows.  It goes from a dress to a tunic, etc! I picked ours up in Anthropologie one day but it's cheaper over on amazon!

And lastly I'm  I am ♥ ing that I get to spend the weekend with my family and also with two of my old friends from High School! A little fun fact about me, is I'm originally from the chances of all three of us being in LA on the same weekend is rare and we're all really excited!!! Hope everyone has a great weekend too! ♥

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