Sunday, February 26, 2012

Some Sunday Snapshots!

Today we started off our Sunday eating some delicious Sushi with some friends! We had such a great time! No sushi photos :( that's how you know it had been far too long because right into my mouth it went, no time for photos!


then after that it was time for some errands and shopping! We got some things we needed...and some things...we not so much needed! Of course, lol. But it was a fun day! The girlies got spoiled and mommy finally got her rose gold belt that I "needed" ;) Then we ended the day with some yogurt--Ava's fav! ♥

and look at these beauties! My high school friend, Amy, went to FIDM and she is just amazing, to put it simply.  She MADE these for Ava! Who can make ballet slippers?! Amy can, lol! We met up with her for lunch today and she was sweet and brought these and some other little goodies with her for the girls! Thanks Amy! ♥ Ava can't wear them to ballet!! :)
red ballet slippers

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  1. sushi....yum. I miss sushi so so bad. love those ballet shoes! so cute...i decided that zoe will probably do some sort of dance, in hopes she doesn't inherit my clumsiness it will help her with he coordination!