Tuesday, May 7, 2013

San Diego Trip!

Hubby got some days off work so we decided to head down to San Diego for a long weekend! It's always nice to just pack up and get out of town for a bit and it was just what we needed! Relaxing and refreshing!!!


We were down there for Cinco De Mayo so we decided to head to Lucha Libre, it was delicious! We saw it on an episode on Food Network and were so excited to try it out! Look how cute the inside was! Pink! 

Lucha Libra San Diego

the "Surfin' California Burrito" 

Surfing California Burrito San Diego

then we finally got Hubby to Stone Brewery! This is his favorite local beer and he has always wanted to go down to see the actual Brewery, it was really neat!

onto Sea World!

Lex & Ava Sea World

there is nothing I love more than taking them to fun places and watching their little eyes light up!

Sea World Shamu

Sea World Stuffed Animals

My fav...the belugas! ♥

Beluga Sea World

and of course, dolphin souvenirs! ♥



And, the beautiful sunset before heading home. 
Sunset San Diego

A great start to the vacays of Summer!! 

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  1. Ahhh yay!! I have been waiting for these pics!!! <3