Sunday, December 2, 2012

A Tiffany Tradition.

Each family has their own unique traditions. One of the traditions we've started is getting some lovely new ornaments from Tiffany's each Christmas. Some people Black Friday shop--we don't. But, we "Blue Saturday" shop and go pick up our Tiffany's after Thanksgiving so that they are ready! Then, after taking the girls to help pick a fresh tree --we put the lights on the tree that night! We decorate it the following day--and after the bulk of the decorating is done, we give the girls their gifts and have them add the Tiffany's to the tree. Here's some photos from our Tiffany's night :)

Tiffany 1

Tiffany 2

Tiffany 3

Tiffany 4

Tiffany 5

Tiffany 7

Tiffany 6

Tiffany 8

Tiffany 9

Does your family have any fun traditions! Share them below :)

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