Tuesday, November 13, 2012


It's been awhile :) I wish I had tons to update you all on--but, really I don't! Just keeping myself busy and looking SO forward to the holidays!!!

I haven't been doing my instagram updates on here as often. But I am doing a Photo A Day Challenge and I feel crazy to get on here and upload so many photos between those random photos and my regular ones, so I won't! But you can follow me on there if you care to see my bazillion photos! I'll try to update this weekend!


Aside from that, we had fun with our princesses on Halloween!

started my next series with Tone It Up! The "Holiday Hottie" series! 

and been enjoying cooking lots of fall yumminess in my Le Creuset! 

between all that and school--I've been a busy bee, and loving it!
I hope you've all been great too!

ohhhhhhh, and I just so happen to have a lovely giveaway coming later this week--so stay tuned for that!

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