Friday, June 22, 2012

Week Four Challenges! Our FINAL week! ♥

So here we are...our last week of challenges! I can't believe how fast it has went by and I am really proud of the progress that we have ALL made. I love reading all your stories and emails, each one of them has touched my heart in a huge way and I thank you all for that! ♥

Here is our final week, let's end it well and truly give it our all! What better way to start the summer but with a stronger connection to your family. I am so excited for this summer and all the possibilities! I hope you are all too!

Reach for the Sun.

Don't forget your check ins this week, final prizes!!! Have a great weekend everyone! ♥


  1. I am excited about this- and almost sad it's coming to an end. My stories keep coming- lol...just about 5 minutes ago- Zoey came up to me and said mommy you are my best friend. This challenge has brought me so much closer to my kids. I have somehow gotten more patience through all of this. If you know me- you'd know that by the end of the day- I'm so over being a sahm, but these past few weeks have been filled with fun and the kids picked to play games, read books, and water the plants outside! They also WANT to help clean their rooms today- so far so good! Thanks again holly!

  2. <3 the family walk challenge! It's so easy because it's something we enjoy and do quite often =)