Thursday, June 28, 2012

All caught up?

I think? We're really enjoying our little "staycation" over here and we've been busy (hence all the late updating)! I think I am up to date now and would love to see some check ins! How was everyone's weekend/week so far? Are you whispering today? :) Just a couple more days, I hope they go well for everyone! ♥ See you all tomorrow for Things I'm ♥ing Friday!

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  1. yayyy I love all the pictures...Looks like it's been a great month for y'all!! Our week has been good/busy!! :) Whisper day- lol...was funny- but the kids didn't "get" it all day- but it was still fun..i have no idea why they think it's so funny- but I'll take it. Our pledge of something we will never do is let material things take away from our family bond anymore. Whether that be our time, or patience, whatever it may be- it's done. We (Greg and I) realized how irritated we were when we spent too much time in front of the tv, texting, or on the computer and not getting things done or spending the extra time with the kids, as well as the kids were simply watching too much t.v. we've been doing so good all month with it, so I hope to continue. :)
    Kellen and Zoey said they would never say hate...although I know this isn't realistic- lol...teen years will come, and we all vowed to tell each other we love each other daily, and have daily hugs and kisses- that's what Zoey said before she informed me we were all best friends, including our dog Dexter. (Guess I can't get rid of him now eh?) lol.
    We just want each others time and love. I think this whole month it's just shown us all that time with each other is the most important thing. We all eat meals at the dinner table TOGETHER now, where before we just kind of did whatever. Kellen also said he wants his chart FULL of stars. Kellen has learned his full name, address, and phone number, he recognizes his name when it's written, as well as his parents names!! :) Just in these few short weeks, and Zoey knows it all as well, just needs more prompting. With the extra time I've had with them..Zoey has been in "big girl underwears" as she calls it- with only one accident in the past two I could not be happier with the way this challenge has been. And some days have been just that, but look here we all are- at the end, but to me- it'll never end...This is just the beginning. Thanks again Holly- sorry I just wrote a book..haha