Monday, April 23, 2012

Look who!!!

It's the lovely Alex unit I've been staring at over at IKEA!

After searching online for the "perfect" storage for my girly things like makeup, jewelry, nail polish, hair stuff, etc. I decided that this was going to be the best option for me! As for now, it's just some drawers...but it has lots of potential and I am really looking forward to getting it all set up how I want it! Hubby had off today so we woke up and decided to go on a little IKEA adventure. Or,  maybe I did and he was sweet enough to come along and help with this...90 lb, yes, 90 lb box that Alex came in!


My hubbs gave me the task of figuring out what size I want the dividers now because we're going to do a mix of buying some dividers for within the drawers and then he's also going to make me some! It's pretty nice having a handy man around :) I'm really excited to get to work and will of course be sharing pics and ideas along the way as I get things sorted out!

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