Monday, March 5, 2012

Liebster? Huh?

Happy Monday! I'm just working on getting things ready for the week but I wanted to take a second to thank Laurie over at The Rookie Wife for awarding me with the Liebster award! You can go read more info about it over on her page, but I wanted to share the love for a minute and share with all of you FIVE blogs that I love looking at! The whole idea of this award is to spread word on blogs with 200 or less followers! After getting the award, you can share 5 yourself...and so on! Ok enough rambling! Here are the ones I chose! :)

1. My sis! Chelsea over at Chelsea Made Blog!! I already told you all about her, so I won't say much more! :)

2.  Leah at An American Werewolf in Sicily! Leah is an old friend of mine who now lives in Sicily, I love reading about their little adventures! And seriously...check out her photos. Who wouldn't love looking at those?! Leah and her hubby are both amazing behind the camera!

 3. My friend Ericka over at A Little Bit of Ericka in Your Life! Ericka started her blog (correct me if I'm wrong Ericka, lol!) when she started her Spread the Love Journey with Matrix! She is a licensed cosmetologist and she is working on getting some great reviews and tutorials up!

4.  Laurie can I re-award you? I hope so because I'm going to :) The Rookie Wife! She has all sorts of goodies over on her page, from DIYs to recipes, you'll find lots of great ideas there!

5. Andddd, Audra over at Once A Mom Always A Cook! Audra follows my blog and I simply found her that way and have been following her since!

Also Rebekka if you have your blog up and going please leave a comment, I'd love to include your link too! :) And if ANY of my lovely followers want your link included here, just go ahead and leave your link below!


  1. Haha, Thanks for the "re-award" and the sweet comments :) Will totally have to check out the blogs you posted about too! Love this award..great way to spread the love. *xo*

  2. Thanks for the mention Holly, you're so sweet! It'll be up and running soon, I'm kind of new to this blogging thing lol. And btw, I'm obsessed with Lex's yellow and white striped shirt. So precious!!! I'm on the hunt for some summer dresses like that for my girls :)

  3. awww Thank you holly!! You are so right. I was lucky enough to be a part of the Matrix family, and I profess my love for them anytime I can. I appreciate the mention, and I will be checking out the other blogs you posted, and I'll continue this. I look at your blog all the time!! Keep "spreading the love"!!

  4. hollyyyy !!! yay this just made my day. :)