Friday, February 17, 2012

Things I'm ♥ing Friday!


1. Z Gallerie's Rize Garden Lite! How adorable are these?! I love the little pop of color they would add to our backyard/garden!

2. Deborah Lippman's Glamorous Life Polish (images Temptalia)! It's described as "Rolex Rose Gold", added it straight to my wish list! :)

3. Victoria's Secret Strapless Ruffle Maxi Dress! There are way too many things to love about this dress! Ruffles, polka dots, it's a maxi, it's black, I'm in love! ♥ Now if they would do sale on it, I would love it a little more!

4. Melissa & Doug Cutting Food Box! This is a family favorite of ours! We got it for the girls for Christmas and it is so cute to watch them use this set! It comes with a little cutting board and everything! It is crazy to see how coordinated Ava is already, chopping up just like Mommy does in the kitchen!

5. Sushi. Enough said, I am really craving it right now and I'm thinking I need to work some into our weekend. This photo here is one of my many favorite rolls!

Anddddd, ♥ing that it's a long weekend! Hope everyone enjoys it! ♥

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