Saturday, January 14, 2012

Quick Tutorial: How to Dye Doilies!


Some of you wrote in and asked where I bought the yellow doilies used in Alexa's birthday party! I chose not to buy them because it is SO simple to just dye them yourself and customize the color you want!

I remember doing this back in high school for one of our scrapbooking projects--it is PERFECT to do on your 'scraps' of doilies that you might have torn...wrinkled, etc! I simply dye them and then use them as embellishments for paper crafting!

I won't give a full tutorial because it's truly that simple. But, I'll let you know how I do it!
I fill the pan with just enough water to cover the bottom and then add in my food coloring. Then just dip it into the water for probably about 30 seconds, making sure that all of it has been covered. Then I pull it out and set it onto a paper towel to dry. I also like the 'dab' the doily with a paper towel after to ensure it has an even color!

Note: You can see by the photo that the color won't come out as dark as the water in the pan since it is only left in for a short period of time, so you can plan accordingly! You can also redip it once it has dried--if you want it a tad darker!

Hope this helps! ♥

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  1. where did you buy the paper doilies? I'd like to make doily pom poms for my daughter's 1st birthday and the only ones I can find are "grease proof" Wilton ones that seem to have a shiny coating...would they color or not?