Monday, December 26, 2011

Cupboard Switcheroos.

Well, there's things that are supposed to 'make sense' naturally do them. Then you realize they just don't function for you and you have to change them. Today, I had to face it...and do some rearranging!

Naturally, I put our cups & the sink, in a small cabinet. But, the cabinet was overflowing, while my mixing bowl, etc cupboard had extra space. So. I made the switch.

This cupboard stays organized, mainly thanks to OXO, my mixing bowls stack easily and don't take up very much space, same for their tupperware, our old tupperware--glad it's gone, is all I will say. Lol. Then up top, why Tiffany boxes? They make an amazing contraption of foam inserts for their wine glasses, that are keeping my pretty special occasion Tiffany wine glasses safely!
And. A strainer in a drawer. Because I'm short, is basically the explanation of that lol. I had it on our top shelf...but I couldn't reach it, and it wasn't working, lol. So into my drawer it went.

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