Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Truly a princess. Dainty as they come. Girly as they come. ♥ She doesn't like to be dirty, she loves getting dressed & dressing up. Tea Parties are her fav. ♥ She is two & has the biggest heart of anyone I know. If you need some flattering...go to Ava. She will not hesitate to tell you how beautiful and sweet you are. & She won't just say it, she means it! & you can tell by the little glow in her eye. She often grabs my face, so gently, and rests her hand right on the side of it and says..."oh my sweet little princess....I love you, so." Did your heart just melt? Mine did.


Oh my sweet, Alexa. ;) This little 11 month old is the biggest firecracker of a baby girl you will ever meet. She will wrap you up in her crazy little personality and never let you go. She is truly something else ♥ She is 11 months, but has so much of a personality that I don't even know what to do with it all :) You truly never know what will come next from this sweet little thing, but I can guarantee, that it will always, always, bring a smile to your face. Always.

Update on my girlies. So I can remember what it was like when they were 2 1/2 & almost...1 o_O the time goes wayyyy, wayyy too fast. ♥

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