Tuesday, August 9, 2011

My Wild Things ♥

It is so precious watching the girls grow together & bond. I watch them grow closer as each day goes by & it truly brings me so much happiness. I am so thankful for the relationships I have with my sisters & it makes me happy to know that we have given that gift to each of them.

Today as I was picking up their latest mess in the living room--I heard them both giggling from their room and I go back and there is Ava dancing and jumping around to entertain Alexa. They were both crackinggggg up & it was just so precious that I had no desire to tell Ava to quit jumping on her couch or to quit screaming, lol. I told them they were my little wild things...and of course, Ava needed to be read wild things as soon as I mentioned it. And afterwards, she needed to read it back to us. As always ;) She LOVESSSS 'reading' & we love listening to her 'read', so it works out well :)DSC_0157


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