Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Guess're not foolin. NObody ;)

Look at that pretty, sweet, innocent, CAVITY FREE :) smile! She's smiling...because she's happy, right? :)

This is interesting, because when we were at the dentist today--they had this old article cut out from a beauty magazine on the wall. All about this woman sorting through her pictures...she didn't have a single one of her smiling, only her with her mouth closed, maybe smirking, but no smiles at all. How sad huh? The article went on about how this woman was always telling everyone how happy she was, 'boasting', etc. Then in the came out, happy had she been? What was she hiding? That she couldn't even show her own smile, because she was ashamed. She was ashamed because inside, she was an ugly person. Basically, that typical girl...that was mean to everyone. It went on about self confidence and about the true beauty of a smile, & not just a pretty smile, but a person smiling because they are truly happy...& they are confident in themselves, that they don't have anything to hide, they can show that smile proudly.  I mean really...if you are truly happy--is it even possible to NOT smile? To hold it back? To just smirk instead? Nah. I don't think so. Kind of a feel good story for those that were good people inside, that didn't fight back to that "mean" girl, who in the end, was the unhappy one.

Moral of the story, people know. You're not fooling anyone...people can tell if you're 'truly' happy--or pretending to be happy. Everyone around her knew. She might have tricked a select few along the way--but,  I see that there's something hiding, & most people do. People can tell by your smile...and really, if there is no smile at's kind of a dead give away. You're not happy. Happy, confident, people smile. It's a natural reaction. people. Smiling people=happy people. Smile because you are beautiful, inside and out--most importantly BE beautiful...on the inside! I'd be one sad sad woman if I knew that if I passed today, that there wouldn't be a picture of me smiling, not even just NONE but even if just the bulk of them..I wasn't smiling. Luckily, that won't happen.

 I've got NOTHING to hide, I'm a happy girl. :D

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  1. I LOVE LOVE this Holly! Thanks for sharing!